“Dr. Hurti” and the joy of learning

Create your own individual work plan that also takes into account your free time and hobbies. Learn sustainable learning methods, so that the material sticks in your head and is available beyond the exam. Structure your daily learning routine. If you wish, we can discuss and structure your learning material with the help of targeted questions. Discover your joy of learning, strengthen your motivation and self-confidence!

Whenever I start working with clients for learning techniques and exam preparation at universities, the story of “Dr. Hurti” comes to mind.

“Dr. Hurti” was my high school geography teacher. He owed his nickname to his fondness for the word “hurtig,” which means “quickly, still level” in the Bernese German language. “Dr. Hurti” was only a few years older than us. If you are reading this, dear “Dr. Hurti”, please know that my most respectful and grateful thoughts are with you.

“Dr. Hurti” was a quiet man who wandered introvertedly through our long corridors at school, even then with backpack and sustainable-trendy-sporty clothes, as if he had just returned from a geo excursion. His silence was never long-lasting, however, because he was visited by many of his students not only after his lessons, but also during the breaks and besieged with questions; “We’re going to see Dr. Hurti quickly” was heard daily. If he was not in the house, the day clearly lacked luster. He was not only a person with extensive knowledge, but also an extremely likeable teacher who communicated with the students with ease and at eye level.

My geography teacher “Dr. Hurti” had the ability to present every geography lesson as an exciting story. During his studies, he had taken all the geo excursions that his studies offered. There was almost no spot on earth that he had not visited. The subject of volcanoes? Of course, he had visited Mount Aetna and Mount Vesuvius and had studied marine volcanology. He knew all parts of the earth. Topic desert? “Dr. Hurti” told excitingly about his expeditions through the Gobi Desert, the Sahara, the Kalahari and some others. If one asked him whether he had already been there or thereabouts, he answered dryly: “Yes, yes”. His lessons always went by too fast for us and were more like exciting story-telling sessions than classical lessons. We couldn’t get enough of his lively descriptions.

Why am I telling you this story today, dear reader?

Because our geography teacher lived this quote from Antoine de St. Exupéry: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up men to get wood, assign tasks and divide up the work. But teach them to long for the wide, endless sea.”

How many students I meet in my work who have almost completely lost this joy of discovery and learning! Some have lost touch with their fellow students at some point and can no longer find their way through the jungle of lectures, seminars, exercises and exams. Discouraged, they cave in because they can’t discuss their questions and problems with anyone in their family or circle of acquaintances. Others are blessed with successful, busy parents who simply have no time for them. Or with parents who themselves had no chance of education, who are so busy with the struggle for existence that they lack the strength and opportunities to accompany and support their children at school and in their studies, to have conversations with them about the content of their studies or God and the world, to be there for them.

Then come the first exams, really not easy at the universities. Some students find their way to me faster than others, usually close to tears and with a very poor grades.

How can I help you not only to get your studies in order, to finish your exams well, but also to rediscover the joy of learning?

With me you will create your own individual work plan, which also takes into account your free time and your hobbies. You learn sustainable learning methods, so that the material sticks in your head and is available beyond the exam. You will learn how to structure your daily learning routine so that you are ready for the exam in time. You will learn how to involve your environment in your learning. If you wish, we will discuss and structure your learning material with the help of targeted questions. Above all, you will discover your joy in learning, strengthen your motivation and your self-confidence.

If you want to shed ballast, I have an open ear for you and will be happy to help you work out future action strategies. Arrange a non-binding initial consultation Tel. 079 374 59 04

Susanne H. Keller is an independent coach, specialized in leadership, learning coaching and exam preparation since 2012. Teacher training University of Bern, training at ZHAW in systemic coaching, change management and organizational development. She helps professionals, leaders and teams to manage change, develop their personalities, create new professional perspectives and achieve their goals.

Susanne lives, works and writes in Zurich.

www.susanne-keller.ch; coaching@susanne-keller.ch

Susanne H. Keller has been a coach since 2012, specializing in systemic coaching, change management and organizational development. She has more than thirty years experience in executive management, project management and managing science and technol”ogy. As a systemic coach she can help executives and teams to manage change, develop their personalities and their companies, create start-ups, work on their projects, discover new perspectives,and reach their goals.
You can contact her at www.susanne-keller.ch



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