Executive Leadership - Package

Strengthen your leadership skills, lead with ease. 

Leadership starts with you: With your strengths, your vision, your motivation.

Do you feel trapped inside your leadership role? Are there any tensions in the team, any unresolved conflicts or any noticeable dissatisfaction? Is your employees’ motivation waning?

A strong team is at the heart of a successful company. The quality of work depends directly on effective teamwork.

Happy employees who feel valued and understood not only work better, but also remain loyal to your company for longer. 

This is how I help you to sustainably optimize the quality of work in your company:

Intensive care for complex management situations:

  • Clear structure and moderation in leadership
  • Develop specific structures
  • Dealing effectively with disruptive factors
  • Developing a sustainable corporate culture

Basic rules for effective teamwork:

  • Corporate culture
  • Internal communication
  • Criticism management
  • Professional support and competence focus
  • Mindfulness and respect


  • Focus on strengths and self-efficacy
  • Encourage motivation and enjoyment of the task
  • Feedforward and feedback for work tasks

Leadership style:

  • Lead with questions
  • Encourage personal responsibility:  Objectives and corresponding measures
  • Arouse curiosity and interest in research
  • Feed forward and motivating feedback
  • Time for personal one-to-one meetings to increase motivation

Leadership is more than a title and a pay cheque. Good leaders inspire their team. They create opportunities for growth. They achieve results by bringing people together in a way that works for everyone.

Regardless of your experience, these personalized reflection points will help you to improve your leadership skills:

  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Exerting influence
  • Decision-making
  • Decision-making criteria

In times of rapid change, managers are required to make quick decisions, often without having all the information.

Strengthen your self-awareness, self-confidence and self-responsibility to effectively improve your leadership skills!

Choose the right coaching package for you:

3-6 months: Weekly individual coaching sessions (60-90 minutes), monthly team sessions.

 BONUS: Participation in two Reflecting Board sessions.

6-12 months: Weekly individual coaching sessions (60-90 minutes), bi-monthly team meetings.

BONUS: 6 months participation in the Reflecting Board.

Ready for the Executive Leadership Package?

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