Executive Transformation Package

Transformation or transition? Professional Reorientation

Discreet, efficient, sustainable

Have you resigned? Have you received the “golden handshake”?

Even if it can be paralysing and frightening at first – you can do it! 
We’ll find a new position for you together:

  • Potential analysis: identifying your greatest strengths
  • Highlighting your greatest successes
  • Highlighting your hidden potential 
  • Understanding and overcoming personal blockages
  • Reflecting and strengthening your leadership personality

In my shock room, I help you to overcome and relieve the trauma of losing your job. 

In a stressful situation, we often disregard the positive and get further and further into a negative spiral. 

Therefore: Together we will focus on your previous successes.You have achieved a lot! 

We will identify your own strengths and competences as a manager, as a person, in all your different life and professional roles and make you aware of them.

  • You will reinforce your strengths in order to find a new career.
  • You will explore your possible career and life goals and formulate how you can achieve them.
  • You will become aware of your self-perception and increase your self-efficacy. 

I give you mindful impulses. Encourage your motivation and your ability to learn new patterns and behaviours. And to experiment with new challenges and take calculated risks.

My credo: 
Create your success by strengthening your motivation, self-confidence, self-awareness, sense of self-responsibility and self-discipline.

Your success starts with your motivation, focus and perseverance. 

It is shaped by an optimal, customised strategy and our thorough, systematic preparation. Your active network plays a decisive role in this. 

Convince your future employer with your confident demeanour and dynamic conversation skills!

Your personal package is waiting for you.

Position yourself for your next challenge with me!

My personal online and offline support for you to get the position you want:

  •  Personal support in a difficult time.
  •  Boost your mindset & renew your motivation
  •  Clarify your positioning & develop your strategic job search
  •  Optimise and adapt your application documents
  •  Plan and realise your transition to a new position

Together we develop goals for the optimal preparation for your next career step!

Preparation and optimisation of your personal documents (photo, CV, letter of motivation, references)

  • Jumpstart your network!  →Starting help for your network ?
  • Methodology and templates for creating high-quality cover letters and CVs
  • Methodology for the targeted search for suitable new management positions
  • Strategic training/preparation for your job interviews:Interview training, presentation training, comprehensive assessment training 
  • Developing and building your “online dating profile” & successful positioning
  • Training in strategic communication

Your package is tailored to your needs and includes

  • Our free 30-minute strategy meeting.
  • Our weekly online one-to-one sessions of 60-90 minutes once or twice a week
  • Email and telephone contact whenever necessary
  • A strategy for your transition
  • A strategy for expanding your network and connecting with the right contacts

My investment

  • Written agreement setting out our mutual obligations.
  • Statement at the end of each month, listing the sessions you have used, the sessions still available and your balance. So you can see exactly where you stand.
  • Intensive coaching & crisis management
  • Referral to further support from specialists

You can choose between two packages:

3-6 months: weekly coaching sessions 60-90 minutes

BONUS: Participation in two Reflecting Board sessions

12 months: weekly coaching sessions 60-90 minutes

BONUS: Participation in the Reflecting Board for 6 months

 Questions? Book your free 30-minute initial consultation here

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