Tutorial and Exam Preparation

Switzerland's best-kept secret: my coaching for students

You probably know the feeling of powerlessness that a school assignment or exam can trigger in you. 

When the paper is still being stared at after 20 minutes, hasn’t been magically filled in and the question still doesn’t make sense. 

And the exam is getting closer and closer. 

Don’t worry! 
We counteract this feeling of helplessness! 

I teach you what you don’t learn at school: learning to learn – sustainably and effectively.

Learning strategies and learning techniques:
I equip you with the most advanced learning strategies. Together we will optimise your learning process to get the most out of you and your time.

Confidence in your exam preparation:
Efficient learning strategies pay direct dividends in terms of exam preparation confidence. I will show you how to organise your knowledge efficiently and apply it confidently under exam conditions.

Failed the exam? We can manage that!Together we will evaluate why it didn’t work on the first attempt. 

Failure is part of learning, and together we’ll make sure that the next attempt works!
No more procrastination – goodbye procrastination!When you have to learn, everything else is often more exciting. This procrastination often results in a lack of time. 

I will teach you how to manage your time and tackle your tasks effectively.

Plan, structure, edit and supervise your master’s thesisYour master’s thesis should be a masterpiece. From the initial idea to the final document, I will guide you to ensure that your work is not only handed in, but presented with pride.

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