Over 50 and lost your job?
4 Big Steps towards your New Future

Over 50 and lost your job?
4 Big Steps towards your New Future

“Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.”(Gilian Anderson)

Your situation

You have just received the news that you are fired and you are devastated. You are a man or a woman of fifty-something and had hoped to stay in your present job until retirement. Why you have lost your job is of no interest to us. The past cannot be altered, therefore let it be. What you can change is the future, your future, which will be the rest of your life. Isn’t this a great perspective? You may be unhappy because the shock still sits in your body and in your mind, but if you consider this situation as a chance, the chance to re-think and change the course of your future life, doesn’t that sound quite appealing and motivating

1. Assess your situation

Look after yourself – sort yourself out – make yourself feel great – get help

2. Optimize your image

Up to 80 % of judgement is based on our appearance, and only 10-20% is based on measurable performance.

Mind – Soul – Body: Develop and keep healthy life habits. What do you need to feel good inside your body? We are what we eat. Find out what kind of food is best for you, find your ideal target weight. Make sure you drink enough non-alcoholic sugar-free liquids during the whole day. Everything has been said about smoking. If you still smoke, please consider giving it up. The smell could jeopardize your chances on the job market. What kind of sports can you practice right away?We all need at least between 7 and 9 hours sleep every night, or we will either get sick, be in a very bad mood and not able to give top performance.

Physical and Mental Health: Health is the single most important factor for a successful happy life. You should do everything you can to stay healthy. Get the best haircut in town. Learn how to apply make-up professionally and use it every day. For your hands: A groomed hand speaks volumes for its owner, man or woman. Your feet will have to carry you for the time of your life, so men and women should give them extra care and the best treatment possible. You will feel great!

3. Be mindful

Treat yourself as respectfully as you treat your boss and as kindly as your best friends. Your thoughts are powerful tools which can work for you or against you. Be mindful of what you read, watch and listen to. Write down everything that you would like to do, to own, to achieve.Control your mind, check your habits, watch your character, shape your destiny.Take care of your will power, self-discipline and motivation.The four pillars of success are self consciousness, self-confidence, self reliance, self discipline ( Corssen ).

Taking care of your soul is just as important as looking after your physical fitness. Prayer is a form of meditation which cleans your soul of all everyday junk and gets you back to your core values: Praise, asking for help and mercy, forgiveness, thanking/gratefulness. Praying is like resetting your computer. Learn any kind of meditation technique like Yoga, transcendental meditation, autogenic training or any other relaxation technique.

4. Resources and Self Marketing

What are your personal resources and how can use them for self-marketing? If you are looking for a new job, you have to gain attention, make potential employers aware of yourself outside the beaten tracks. Hone your communication, be prepared to deliver your elevator pitch. 60-80% of the job openings are not published anymore. Make your application stand out with personal effort and personal contacts. Develop your own brand and selfmarketing strategies.What are your transferable skills?List all of your skills and interests, professional and non-professional. Learn how to find a job without an application. Practice advanced networking.Carefully prepare your job interviews and follow up.

Susanne H. Keller has been a coach since 2012, specializing in systemic coaching, change management and organizational development. She has more than thirty years experience in executive management, project management and managing science and technol”ogy. As a systemic coach she can help executives and teams to manage change, develop their personalities and their companies, create start-ups, work on their projects, discover new perspectives,and reach their goals.
You can contact her at www.susanne-keller.ch




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Over 50 and lost your job? 4 Big Steps Towards Your New Future
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